Hahahahahahahahaha NOPE.



why do parents get so upset about little things like goddamn I left a plate in the sink not a dead body

things damian wayne says

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mcgonagall pulling sirius into her office after every outburst in fifth year before he moves out & gets disowned and refusing to punish him but instead offering him biscuits and talking to him about quidditch

mcgonagall intercepting howlers so that they never reach him

excited for whatever you end up writing c: c:

I sure hope so… I’m very out of my normal comfort zone with one thing and have no idea if I’m doing it justice or not. You’ll have to tell me.

Been working on fics tonight. Little bit here and there. Waiting to really get in the mood for something so I can put a good dent in or finish something off.


I just saw Robbie Reyes and well…

imageAnd it’s like


Totally had a lovechild with


alliealison THIS IS YOUR FAULT.


sPEAKING of the al ghuls’ access to organ-cloning technology i want tim’s birthday to roll around and damian to hand him a pretty wrapped box and tim to be like. suspicious. and then open it and find

a brand new spleen cloned from his dna in a fancy medical container haha no wonder it was so heavy

with a nice little card that says like. sorry about your last one. from the al ghuls xoxo

Seriously though, picture Tim’s face.

Completely unsure of whether to be beyond creeped out, or actually in awe and wow, because that’s technically very sweet despite being totally morbid, and both Damian and Ra’s probably argued with themselves for quite some time before actually doing it.

I guess I’m going to have to deal with it and post all my tpbs and figures on ebay.

This is going to suck royally.

I like my stuff…

But I’ve been trying hard and after nearly a month I’ve only successfully acquired $42.


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