i’ve never seen any nsfw jaime reyes stuff but i can only hope that people are including the scarab in all of his sexual encounters. i mean.


This is Riggs.
He is five and a half months old.
He did almost end up named ‘Bruce’ but I have a bad habit of of tacking on an “ie/y” and I was not going to in excitement call him “Brucie” because NO. That’s embarrassing.
He is black and silver with a white splash across his chest and white toes. His grandpa is well over a hundred pounds and his father is just over a hundred pounds. I hope he gets just as huge.


⚡ The family is not prepared for when Damian hits that sweet spot, where he is both Old Enough To Troll, and Young Enough To Get Away With It.

I know it’s stupid… and it took trial and error of finding the right one, but the puppy I got back in April is such a perfect fit… he’s sweet, andactaully likes to be a giant oversized lap puppy. He’s dumb, and I mean that in the most affectionate way, because my Lassie was also a few eggs short of a carton, and he was always the best. He’s got giant oversized paws, and a bunch of extra neck skin that he’ll never fully grow into, and it’s such a strange thing to be sentimental about but Lass had that too.

I’m not trying to compare them or hope that the new pup will be an exact replica of him, I’m just happy they share some of the unique physical and personality traits I always loved and enjoyed over the years.

Pup is just as different as he is similar. He’s not lazy, he’ much more active, which was something I had always wished Lassie had been since liked to take him everywhere and he always ran out of gas. He likes to play, actually goes for a ball, and about died of happy when he got to go in the kiddie pool. He’s a bit destructive, has a thing about paper, which aggravates the hell out of me, but no one’s perfect. He also vocalizes a ton which I have mixed feelings about depending on the situation. So far he’s healthy and has no allergies like Lassie and Jace did, and while I miss Jace a lot (how could I not, especially with losing both dogs within the same week) his special needs home is better for him and they’ve spoiled the hell out of him the past ten months.

I took Pup to the comic shop for ‘Batman Day’. He wore a black bat-cape, and with him being silver and black with a black face and pointy ears it fit him well. He got lots of comments and was fawned over by some customers. He tolerated being dressed up very well, pretty much ignored the cape, which is more than can be said for some pets (*Atticus). So it was fun, and he got a nice 3 mile walk out of the trip. I’ll take photos of him in the cape at some point, make that his official introduction to tumblr.

What sparked this random detailed post about a pet I’ve barely mentioned here so far?

I just watched him go after mom’s popcorn bucket from earlier. It still had some left in it and a bunch of butter plastered to the sides. He ate all the popcorn and got the bucket stuck on his head. Which is adorable in itself. But what really made it great was that he didn’t panic, just sat there like ‘well… I’m stuck. Oh well.’ and eventually continued licking it stuck from inside until it fell off. He’s now passed out next to me after so much excitement.

I really am a happier, and mentally healthier person with a dog that’s mine. Atticus s great, I love the smooshy faced, owl eyed , scary smart cat. But you know how cats are. He likes his space, and I can be awfully clingy.

These two get along fine by the way. Was a bit worried, but Atticus didn’t mind the new guy at all :)

*accidentally spends $200 on TPBs and HCs*

In my defense, I previously owned half of them, sold them because I needed a large amount of cash fast for something important, and had always intended to repurchase them.

The other half?

Well… I definitely needed volume 4 of RHatO, Nightwing, Batgirl, and B&R. I also needed vol. 2 of Batman Inc, vol 1 of Talon… and Vol 1 of Batman: No Man’s Land.

And well… my full set of Pre-Reboot B&R issues has bids on it, and I already owned Vol 4 in HC, so it was perfectly logical to buy the other 3 in HC to complete the set and the comics are mostly pang for themselves.

Do you think Jay sometimes sits on his bed after patrol and talks to his helmet about his problems with Bruce and then he gets really frustrated cuz he can't find a solution and the helmet doesn't react and he gets angry and throws it against a wall like "Bruce why don't you ever REACT?! You're like my stupid helmet..." and then tells himself he's just being silly, but he still feels just as angry and frustrated?


I’M LAUGHING omg this is perfect hahahaha. He totally would, he has a habit of talking to inanimate objects:


I’m out of practice.
What is anatomy?
No ruler in sight and cardboard failed for staff.
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