My room is almost back in order.

My TPB/HC bookcase is as filled as it’s going to get for a while, minus the JasonRobin issues that will be going up in it for lack of TPB of it once the ones I was missing arrive. Kind of sad since I could probably fit 15 or so more on the entire case to make things not droop but not much I can do about that for a bit.

This was my last big hurrah on buying things for a long while. I’m going to have to keep up on comics (or rather, what I can stomach reading of them) via digital downloads, with the promise to buy what I find worthy later down the line. I might finish selling off the issues I have to fund later TPB/HC purchases, but that won’t fund much, and will be about it.

Since it’s going to take me a year or so to save up to move I can’t be splurging on anything I can put off until later. I just have to look forward to buying it when I’m settled and have way more room to display things.

My manga bookcases had a last second addition yesterday of 6 books I was missing when I found them at a used store for buy 2 get 1 free, but they will also remain dormant once more from here on out. Had not purchased any in a long time since most of the ones I’m missing have been OOP from various companies that went under over the years.

I have action figures coming in over the next few months. So that might hold me over some. They’ve already been paid for, minus the last 2 I had ordered, and I already have the money set aside to give the shop owner next time I go in. The only additional figure I plan to buy once a release date is set is the Damian ArtFX statue, and only because I really want it, and know it will be impossible to get a hold of unless I order it the moment one can. I already have Dick. If they release Jason or Tim at some point over the next year I might cry because those are expensive and I’ll have to have them.

I still need to move my figures around so they aren’t piled on top of one another. That’s my last step remaining for this room.

Uhg… should have stayed out of the Jason Todd tag…

Idek anymore.Everything is so wrong with comic Jason plots right now.

So, I had my hair cut by someone other than me for the first time in 10 years today. Went to a random place I had been eying the other day. Overall I was super happy with the results, minus the slight shave burn on the back of my neck in 2 places where my hairline kind of streaks down it. It wasn’t a planned event. Was out getting DVDs resurfaced and returning my glasses for them to redo because they were stupid and forgot something I paid for on them but gave me something else I didn’t want. So, the nice lady had to wash my hair first because it was greasy from me running around all day.

And it was pretty normal at first I guess? I mean, normally I don’t have anyone wash my hair for me. Or even really have their hands on me for that long period, so it was a bit weird… but the really odd awkward part was that at some point this lady decided to massage my neck for no reason. Now, idk if this is normal procedure for her but it’s one of those things that had me freaking out and maybe she noticed because she stopped before I managed to say something and went back to washing my hair…

But, it’s the best cut I’ve had I think so it was worth the brief awkwardness I suppose.


I am missing at least 5 of my DVDs (all 3 Blades and 2 of my Terminators). Meaning they are probably under my parents’ bed and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to grab them. Dang it.

It’s also moments like these that I realize what I’ve never bought.

I have no Disney movies. None. This is probably because they are expensive and really weird about their movies not being available at all times.

The entertainment center is finally up.

It’s awesome.

I have 3 new shelves for non comic/anime DVDs, and in front of them I can put more figures, since the shelves are so deep and I don’t watch them super often. I also have the entire top of it to cover in figures, and it will hold a LOT of them!

Then I’ve got 2 large spaces at the bottom to put things. Idk what yet though. They’re both deep and tall and could hold a bunch of something. The point is, I have more space, and I’m thrilled about it. This room is way too small and awkwardly shaped to hold all of my stuff without getting creative.

Growing up I always wanted the upstairs room with the funky ceilings.

I was an idiot.

Never again.

Photos later :D

I’ve been absent a few days. No worries. Just trying to do a mass ‘Summer Cleaning’ since one did not happen in Spring. New Entertainment center going up in my room because the evil neighbors moved out and left it on their lawn with a bunch of other dressers, shelves, and other wood furniture.It’s not new, but it is for me. I’ve gotten nearly all of my furniture second hand in similar ways.  Not sure why people move out and always leave perfectly good furniture behind, but hey, I always enjoy it. Needed it pretty badly Not only will it put my giant clunky TV up a bit higher and in a better part of my room, but It also gives me a LOT more shelving, something that I was in desperate need of for non comic/anime DVDs and my action figures that have been too cluttered together. It’s pretty damn sturdy despite being pressed board.

Stanley Steamer is also coming out in a few days to make our carpets several shades lighter again. My room is in need after all the spilt soda and tea, not to mention the paints (some of which will not come up even after them) and other random stains that I have no idea where they came from.

Looking forward to everything being clean and normal so I can go back to pretty much living in my room with my furry companions and writing most of the night.


My words of wisdom if you ever have OTP feels

In spirit of me getting my butt into gear, here is the Outlaw Fitness team
They kick your ass into shape with great exercises such as
Stab them until they’re dead
Oh shit it’s the cops
Superman Banana

Started an Ivy pin-up today. Pam’s hair always take’s an hour in itself. I like it to look a very specific way. Her vines and leaves also take forever.

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