I swear… there are the ships that you ship with every fiber of your being. Where the average fic thrills you, the really incredible ones get your pulse racing, and the horrible ones get your blood boiling.

And then there are the ship where you’re not so hard on it but you enjoy them when you happen to find a good fic.

There are the NOTPs that make you sick or super pissed just thinking about them.

Then… then there are the ships that you do not like. They are awkward, you don’t see it ever happening, it might even be a big turn off for you, or something that makes you twitch. You just do not like that ship.. But- and there is always a but, there seems to always be that one single writer who just writes that ship in such a perfect way. You read a fic from them one day even though it’s a ship you dislike, only because you seem to really like the rest of that writer’s work and the brief summary took your interest. Then you are hooked. You may not ship those two characters, but the way this author ships them, writes their personalities, just makes them click. You find that even though you never thought in a million years that you would willing read this ship you will ALWAYS read it when this certain author writes this. Sometimes over time you manage to find other stories by other authors with the same characterization, and one day, before you know it, you’ve some how fallen for the pairing, but this of course is rare and not the norm.

Keep up the good work!

Rating: T+

Characters/Pairing: Probable Dami/Jay, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon

Word Count: 1411

Notes: for Cornflakepizza


He couldn’t help the urge to retaliate and take the man down with his own guns when and if he showed himself…

After his last run in with Ivy and her pollen, and being forced to babysit a clearly compromised Red Robin, he was not going to put up with it again.


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Posting part one of kitten fic

Yep… called it….

700 words in and only just now is Damian getting there.

I’m screwed.

Oh well, fun reading for all…

I have a feeling that this intended one shot is going to be longer than I had hoped.

I guess that’s what I get for choosing it as my intro back into writing after a few weeks.

Admittedly I’ve never written anything remotely similar so it’s interesting.

omg *sparkly eyes at you*

Already wrote some while I was cooking/eating.

I am entertained.



what would you do if you were batman and you came across this on patrol


All I can think of is Damian finding him rather than Bruce…
And I can totally write that for you later tonight :D
Could be… fascinating….
I’ve got an anime sideblog over at oiyukis if you ever need your anime fix :)

;  ^  ;

Seriously, the only thing I’ve seen anything of out of 9 pages is Yu Yu Hakusho, Howl’s Moving Castle, Sailor Moon, and I know the Inuyasha song. I’ve been so out of the anime loop from having no one to talk about it and watch it with that I’ve seen nothing that’s come out or came here in the last 4ish years.

Sometimes people ask me what anime/manga I read and watch, or tell me to recommend some, and they end up amused with the kind of things I’m into, and confused as to why most of the stuff I list off is things people haven’t heard of because they never hit big here in the US for some reason (sometimes due to voice actors who are horrible doing the dubs and people not liking subtitles.)

Wish I still had friends around to talk anime with. Alas, I’m limited to 1 I can see in person and she doesn’t branch out very much, and pretty much everyone I talk to on tumblr is pretty American Comic-centric (not that I’m complaining there of course!).

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