That’s it for room updates for now. My Manga shelves are still a mess, as are most of my action figures. I’ll work on those more tomorrow. At least at this point I’ve found most of my Missing figures.

This is my comic bookcase.
It’s just the 3 shelves, nothing cut off, and is currently all my TPB and HCs sans the three books I have off to the side because idk where they go yet (Identity Crisis HC, Terror Titans, and Ravager: Fresh Hell).
I got most of these books by selling the single issues and using the money to buy the books instead. Comic collectors seem to like the issues more and pay  lot for them, but I like to read mine, and am always scared of damaging them while reading them.
You can see that I gave up on things being in Chronological order for the most part Pre 52. If you open the photo in its own tab you can see the full huge file size where you can read the titles.
Top shelf is all main Batman things, in chron. order. The bagged/boarded issues are JasonRobin issues which will probably never have a TPB or HC because DC is evil. The Batman stretch of books is not a complete run of stories, but I have most of the main arcs there, sans some books that are really hard to track down. Why some of the HC books are so oddly sized idk but that annoys me. I prefer HC to TPB though so I try and buy them if I can.
The 2nd shelf covers B&R, Robin, Nightwing, Red Robin, Catwoman, my one CassBatgirl book, Titans books, Birds of Prey, Superman/Batman, and some Green Arrow. Up top are some books that sort of recap things that happened over the years, some prestige format books with short stories, and the oddball of the group, Ultimate Comics Spider-man vol 1.
Bottom shelf is overflow from the Green Arrow/Black Canary books, a touch of Flash and Outsiders. Then of course all the New 52 books which I just grouped by series to make things easy on myself, any BtAS related things, Batman/Justice League/Superman Beyond books, Young justice, and League of Batmen Elseworld books.
My New 52 stuff is pretty through, only because they are easier to track down, and after they’ve been out about 2 months I can buy them lightly used for $8-10 each (tpb) and $10-17 each (HC). I’m not sure how many more books I’m going to buy from New 52 as after certain volumes I can’t stomach the plot anymore but meh… I’ll probably keep up with main Batman, finish off Nightwing, and Teen Titans (just to finish off the set), and I need to catch up on Worlds’ Finest which I enjoyed up until I was last able to read. Superboy I’m probably done with. I just couldn’t keep into it with it not being the Kon/Conner most people love from other versions. I read the first 2 books of Batwoman recently and would like to read more, and pick up at least those 2 books if not the later ones as well. I’ll buy Batgirl until the end of Simone’s run at least, and will continue to buy RHatO as long as it runs I suppose as I want to support the characters, even if I hate it as often as I love it (some upcoming plot is probably going to test my tolerance). Idk about Batman Eternal yet. I haven’t read much. I want to support Harper, Cullen, Steph, and from what I hear a better Tim, but idk… I’m not sure I can keep my cool with all the Jason/Babs stuff I’ve been seeing. We’ll see. There’s so many New 52 things I like from panels I’ve seen but just as much if not more that infuriates me as well.
I’m mostly buying Pre-52 books as of recent.
This is my entertainment center. It’s not done being stocked yet. The bottom 2 shelves are empty so they’re not pictured and the top has a lot less figures on it right now than there will be.
Starting at the top, we have my 4 Birds. I like them, they are staying, and for once they photographed pretty nicely. You can also see how big they really are in this pic.
You also have my 3 RHatO figures posed on the left. Kori is hanging by thread from slanted ceiling I hate. I think putting Jason’s blade wings on the figure was a stupid idea since he only used them what, once? Idk, I don’t particularly like them. Roy I posed like the photo on the box showed. It works nice. His hat can turn around too which was an interesting little touch. I like these 3 a lot :D
Behind them is the Tumbler tank ‘batmobile’ from Nolan’s movies. Not my favorite but saw it at a garage sale a few years ago for a $1, which was a steal, and had to have it.
You can also see the Nightwing ArtFX ‘statue’ in the center. I bought him because I knew I’d be getting Damian whenever he comes out and felt they were kind of a set? I do have the Selina one coming too, and have no idea where to put her, but she was half priced and I’m a big Catwoman fan.
In front of Tim and Dami Birds we have maskless Terry McGinnis Batman, a figure I longed for for years until I randomly came across it about a week ago. To be honest I’d have settled for the full mask version. Been dying for a 6in Batman Beyond figure since childhood. Next to him is my Custom NightwingMax that I should repaint glossier to match him. I’m perfectly content with her being taller than him.
To the very far right of the top shelf is a Batmobile from I THINK Batman Forever? whichever of those movies it’s from, they were a part of my childhood and admittedly a lot more entertaining back then whereas they’re cringe worthy now, but I still have a fondness for cars, especially Batmobiles.
My TV is ridiculous and I know it. Laugh away. Whether it’s at my poorly centered Atari sticker, the tons of Batman/Robin/Villains stickers, or how outdated of a model it is, have at it. I use it once every few months when I go to watch a movie by myself or a rarity, play a video game.
The figures on top of it are tiny, but pretty cool. I bought them at various times from a few different stores. There are a ton of different Batman ones, all in different poses. I’d have preferred more Batfam and Justice League ones instead but they don’t exist. I’m just grateful that the Damian one does.

Now the small shelves… Top one has my DC hardcover novels and my Peter Pan ones mostly. The Peter and the Starcatchers series was entertaining. Hook will remain one of my favorite movies, and I found the novelization in HC. Also has my akita books there and an old Japanese cat novel translated.
2nd shelf has my random movies, or at least, the ones not missing in the house somewhere. I was never big on Transformers, but watched Beast Wars as religiously as I watched Batman Beyond when younger. Wasn’t to fond of Beast Machines. The Meet the Parents series never fails to get me LMAO. Some animated movies. Terminator films are some of my favorites. I have them all and the series but they are scattered in the house mostly at the moment. Same with Blade. Old Ninja Turtles were an old fav. of mine too.
3rd shelf is pathetic. These are my games. Most of them anyway. Some of mine don’t have cases and are in a binder type thing. I have a gamecube (pictured) and a PS2 (which is downstairs being used as the primary DVD player at the moment). I mostly have Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and Dark Cloud games. Resident Evil something is down there but I don’t play it. I watch other people play and flinch/squeak while doing so. There’s a really old Yugioh gamecube game I really enjoy that has nothing to do with cards so it’s odd but fun.
Update on things I’ve been doing to my room…
This is the front of my closet.
I painted the weird cat on the bottom left mid High School. I cat the cat plushie at an Anime convention around the same time frame. The New 52 Flash, Superman, and Green Arrow posters were put up maybe 6-8 months ago when the shop owner gifted them to me. There used to be a Wonder Woman one where the cat painting was but… well, it got brushed up against too many times and died. The walkway right there is MAYBE a foot and a half wide. The canvas board is sturdier than a poster :(I just got the Ghost Rider poster yesterday. I wanted it for a while, new the shop had to have a copy, and spent an hour looking for it while I was picking up my RHatO figures.
The photo above it is my dog I had to have put to sleep last September. He’s been up there with one of his rabies tags for a few months. His old collar has been there a few months longer.
The Battle For The Cowl poster I picked up yesterday too. While those 3 issues were ridiculous, I like how so many people I’m fond of are on it. Stumbled across it in my hunt for the Ghost Rider poster. Some day I will find the ‘Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul’ poster in that giant pile he never touches. So many posters gone to waste…

—Issues 1-40 of Gotham Central, complete run VF-NM

—120 issues of Nightwing (1-29, 40-88, 93-106, 118-139,147-148, 150-153). There are 33 issues missing from the run, all of which are ones that are pretty easy to locate and are only missing because I have the TPBs of those arcs. Other than missing issue #149 everything above is several complete arcs and Batman tie ins. Most are VF-NM but I’m sure a few are closer to FN condition.

—Nightwing: Ties that Bind TPB

—151 issues of Robin (0-53, 56-85, 87-120, 126-130, 132, 154-183). There are 32 issues missing from the run. Again, for a lot of these I had the TPBs ahead of time or in the case of a few single issues I have signed copies and do not wish to give them up. Quite a few of these issues are easily located and a couple might be tricky due to them being tie in issues for Batman arcs. Off the top of my head I know the No Man’s land issues are included as are StephRobin issues. Most are VF-NM but I’m sure a few are closer to FN condition.

Shipping is $15ish for the bigger 2 lots so keep that in mind.


Sadly I no longer collect issues of comics unless unavoidable (aka, I need a story and it was not ever published in a TPB). They take up so much room and it’s more financially friendly for me to buy the TPBs and HCs outright than to buy the comics first and the books later these days. As I’m looking to move a year from now I can’t have extra clutter and I can’t afford to splurge on things anymore. So I need to sell what I don’t need to purchase the things I will need later otherwise I have nothing to fund them.

Feel free to shoot me an offer for any of the above. Open to trades for TPBs/Hardcovers I do not have or certain action figures. Might also be interested in a commission if non-digital and I received the hard copy so I can hang it up and flail happily whenever I see it lol…

I miss my computer. Want to write but can’t :(

Will probably draw instead. I think I can still scan on this new one.

Got my RHatO figures today. They make me happy. I’m most pleased with the Arsenal one. Roy looks pretty great, he’ll be a good reference pic for him, and he’s even freckly.

Just ordered Atticus and Daisy a 6ft tall cat tree/condo.

I promised him that if he survived his medical emergency I’d get him one :D

Can’t wait for it to get here so I can put it together and watch him have fun.

Daisy on the other hand will probably hide in the closet for a week until she realizes that it’s not some strange creature out to kill her.

So apparently Hush is making his New 52 debut finally, in Batman Eternal.

Idk whether to be thrilled or cry because of how horrible this is probably going to end up.

Heck, not even sure it’s going to be Tommy until they say so, I just know that I’m probably going to be very disappointed despite the potential.



So I’m moving into a new apartment, and I was told that the room had been damaged, but nothing could have prepared me for the fact that someone had carved Li Shang’s head out of the bathroom door and written “We must defeat the Huns!” on it.


Please tell me you kept the door, even if you pt a different one up for actual use. Because this is epic.


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